Royal College of Engineering & Technology,Akkikavu

Dept. of ECE

Main Events

Hardware Hackathon

Come and join us..Get your parts and technology... Skill up...

Rules and Regulations

  1. A team of 2-5 members can participate
  2. Duration is from 9 am to 5 pm
  3. Based on given specific theme, each team needs to build their own prototype with the use of given components
  4. Each team must carry their own laptop (NB: Arduino sketch installed in it)
  5. Registration fee: 500/- per team
  6. Each team can bring any components from outside for prototype making
  7. Any damage to the given component will be charged

Fury Road

Rules and Regulations

  1. Task must be completed within the given time
  2. Only one chance to complete the whole task
  3. The game is to move the car through the given track without hitting any obstacles.
  4. Once the car miss the track, the player will be disqualified
  5. Only one participant is allowed to play the game at a time
  6. The player who completed the task with minimum time will be the winner
  7. Registration fee : Rs 50/- only
  8. A fine will be imposed on participants if any intentional damage is done to the remote controlled vehicle

Hell In A Cell

Rules and Regulations

  1. Task must be completed within 10 minutes
  2. The participant who completed the task in minimum time will be the winner
  3. Participant should complete the previous level before entering to the next level
  4. Those who fail to complete the task within the given time will be given a slight penance
  5. No. of participants: 1
  6. Registration fee: Rs 50/- only


Rules and Regulations

  1. Soldering should be neat and clean
  2. Task should be finished within the specified time limit
  3. Minimum jumper (overlap) connection and solder thickness will be the main constraint for selecting the winners
  4. Desoldering wick (pumb) is not allowed
  5. All assembly surface should be clean and with no visible residue
  6. There should not be void areas or surface imperfections
  7. Participant should use minimum amount of lead
  8. Competition will have two stages , In the first stage output is not mandatory but soldering should be neat and clean. In the second stage participants should get required output.
  9. Registration fee: Rs. 50/- only

paper presentation

Testing your innovative ideas and presentation skills.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The abstract must be mailed to on or before 03/10/2018.
  2. The abstract must contain the paper title, name of the participants, contact numbers, at least one mail ID of the participants (for further intimations} and the college name. Abstracts obtained without any of these details may be summarily rejected.
  3. The selection of the technical paper will be intimated to the candidates after 24 hours from the submission of abstracts. The selection is subjected to the quality and relevance of the topic and plagiarism constraints.
  4. The contest will begin at 9:15 AM on 05/10/2018 and the registration starts from 9:00AM. Contestants should be present at the venue well early before the registration starts.
  5. The contestants should bring their slides in .PPT or .PDF format in a pen-drive and copy the same at the registration desk.
  6. The maximum time allotted for presenting a paper is 15 minutes, followed by a question and answer session for 5 minutes
  7. Maximum number of participants in a team is two.
  8. A fee of Rs 100 per paper will be collected at the time of registration from a team.
  9. Same team can present more than one paper by separate registrations.
  10. Candidates need not bring laptops.
  11. Candidates must bring their college IDs at the time of registration.
  12. The team securing the first prize will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 1500 and the second prize winning team will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 1000.
  13. The papers will be evaluated by a team of judges – external and internal and the decisions made by them will be final.
  14. Rush N Win

    Rules and Regulations

    1. Individual Event.
    2. Registration fees for the event is Rs.20/-
    3. Participants will be given one chance with duration of 120seconds.
    4. The contestant has to cycle for 120seconds and his/her efficiency will be analyzed with respect to RPM.
    5. Contestant should not tamper/ damage the given equipment.
    6. The event consists of only one winner and the winner will be announced at the end of the day.